Not everyone has an eye for design and not everyone has a design team available to them. If you follow this one simple tip, you will have your ads looking like masterpieces in no time!


Yes you read that correctly, don’t be afraid to embrace white space when designing. Many non-designers might tell you that white space = wasted space. People try to cram as much information in as little space because ‘real estate’ can be expensive. But trust me when I say, less is more. Adding unnecessary copy, images or graphics only makes a design more congested and takes away from your message. Keep your design clean and organized to grab your audience’s attention with a healthy dose of empty space.

Like I mentioned, white space can help draw attention to your key message. When there is space around an element of your design, it emphasizes it. Our brains are tricked into thinking that it is important and our eyes are immediately drawn to it. You may not even realize when it happens.

Don’t feel like you have to fill your space with large block text, unnecessary patterns and other visual overload. It doesn’t compare to a little bit of classy, modern white space. Use your imagination and get creative. You won’t know what you like without a little trial and error.

When working on your next project that involves design, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the white space. In the design world, the pieces that you leave out are just as important as the ones you create.