In the Muzzillo Dictionary of Sales Terminology, definitions of many key words and phrases aren’t what they appear to be. In my previous article, I shared how the definition of “no” really is “not yet.”

Similarly, when a prospect tells you, “I will call you,” what they are really saying is, “I will never call you.”

Buyers are liars. You know that’s true. You’ve probably lied to salespeople yourself. Maybe you lied to a car salesperson after a test drive or to a realtor after viewing a home for sale. Buyers are liars.

So when someone tells you, “I will call you,” you need to understand that they will never call you.

Your response when someone tells you this should be, “Great, I will look forward to hearing from you. If I don’t happen to hear from you by [whatever an appropriate date is], I will reach out to you.” Then, mark your calendar and be ready to call them, because nine out of 10 times they will never call you.


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