Your direct mailer has been sent. Weeks of preparation led you to this moment. You wait anxiously for responses…

…and they never come in.

You put all your time and effort into it! You double checked your list, the art was branded and the message was on point.

What happened??

Well, beyond popular belief, the message isn’t everything anymore. Consumers today demand more than just a strong message. Consumers of brand marketing are looking for more experiential marketing or in other words, something that is memorable. Gone are the days of mass mailing ads, and branded promotional mailers, without providing a memorable experience for the end user to take away and remember you by. But fear not! You too can make an impression and stand out from the crowd.

Here are a few tips to keep your business memorable:

Give them something…to Remember you by!
Who doesn’t like free? Consumers and potential customers will always be more willing to give you or your brand a chance if you’ve rewarded them up front. From a direct mail standpoint, include packaging and something that the recipient will actually use, with their brand on it. Think of it more like a leave behind, only you didn’t have to do a face-to-face meeting. However, keep in mind you should follow-up with a call or a visit if possible to further the conversation.

Push the Boundaries and Be Daring!
Stop with the wimpy approach. Don’t just think outside the box, take the box and throw it in a fire. Push the boundaries with your messaging and if you are comfortable with the results, redo it until it makes you uncomfortable. That’s the results area known as ‘Awesome’, and ‘Awesome’ evokes reaction. ‘Awesome’ helps your brand spread by word of mouth.

Be You!
If you are willing to push the limits with your branding and your messaging it has to be authentic to you. Nothing is worse than consuming awesome content that isn’t authentic to the sender or the brand that it is meant to represent. Misrepresentation will kill your brand. Period.

So moving forward think about making your next piece memorable and authentic to stand out.