Spring Outerwear Styles to Pay Attention To

As the season begins to change, so will trends in apparel across the industry. Below are examples of trendy men’s and women’s spring outerwear pieces from some Proforma Supplier Partners to consider for high-end giveaways, employee apparel or client gifts this spring. Ladies Spring Outerwear The J. America Ladies’ Colorblock Cosmic Hood from alphabroder provides... Read More

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Use Printed Materials to Make Your Brand Shine

In the digital age, it is easy to discount printed materials. But don’t! There is a lot of power in print. From business cards and brochures to indoor signage and thank you cards, you can make a large impact on your customer or prospect by utilizing printed products that capture the eye. If your printed... Read More

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Make a Lasting Impression By Following These Top 3 Tradeshow Trends

Tradeshows are a wonderful way to connect with your peers, trusted Supplier Partners and, most importantly, your audience. With a sea of booths, how do you stand out and leaving a lasting impression? While creating a stunning booth is important, this year, consumers are looking for personal connections, cutting-edge information and comfort. Check out these... Read More

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Are Problems Actually Opportunities?

Errors will occur. Take advantage of them by creating opportunities. Although buyers and sellers take great care to specify products being ordered, manufactured and shipped, any seasoned professional in this industry will agree there’s considerable room for error. Even when colors, sizes and relevant components of a product are checked again and again, mistakes happen.... Read More

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The Value of Long-Term Supplier Partnerships

Anyone responsible for coordinating projects and campaigns appreciates the value of a team they can trust. Keeping every aspect moving on time and in the right direction can be a challenge, even when all collaborators are in-house. So when a project manager needs to outsource some or all of the work, relying on the wrong... Read More

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Socializing on Social Media

Last semester, I took a sports promotion and fan engagement class that focused on how professional sports teams can leverage social media to engage their fans. The majority of the topics that we covered can be applied to any organization’s use of social media. Whether it is a few posts or a full-blown campaign, the... Read More

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Use Athletic Apparel to Get in the Game

Everyone is starting to think spring! And that means getting outside and enjoying the warmer temperatures. It is the perfect time of year to look into marketing your brand via promotional athletic apparel. But with the vast array of choices, how do you decide the best promotional item options for your company and for your... Read More

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What Promotional Products Are Trending in 2019?

The most effective promotional products are new and exciting items that resonate with your end users. Understanding what is trending for the New Year is a great place to start! Proforma spoke with two of our MVPLPs, Gemline and SanMar, about some promotional product trends that are expected to make a splash in 2019. Color... Read More

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What’s Your Excuse?

In sales, one of the biggest challenges in converting a prospect to a customer or a customer to a client is getting more “face time” to continuously explain our value proposition. This is where most sales folks fail. Most sales folks, even seasoned professionals, don’t appreciate the importance of creating “excuses” to get back in... Read More

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Get Your Priorities Straight

Did your mom/dad ever tell you when you were growing up to “Get your priorities straight”? Well my mom definitely did. I was the rebellious teenager who wanted to do everything with her friends, out of the house, away from her parents and for my mom to never ask questions. (Wishful thinking on my part.)... Read More

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