In my last article, What I Learned about Gift Giving From Rollerblade Barbie,” I shared how impactful a carefully chosen gift can be. People remember gifts and who they were from. Maybe it’s because of who gave it to them, the gift had some special meaning or maybe it was just the thought and consideration behind it.

I can tell you who gave me every appliance, dish or accessory that is my kitchen right now from my wedding registry. I can also tell you which business associate gave me the lambswool throw on my couch, which company gave me the luggage I use when I travel and which supplier provided my favorite travel coffee mug.

So if we know your clients and employees are going to remember that you gave them a thoughtful gift, let’s look at some items that they will use frequently, keeping the memory of your thoughtfulness top-of-mind.

Cozy stuff
If your recipients live where it gets cold in the winter, blankets, towels, robes and scarves make cozy and festive gifts. And if your clients are like me and freeze in the office air conditioning, a blanket can get year-round use.

Tumblers, coffee mugs, travel mugs, glassware… the options are endless for this timeless gift. It’s a popular item and you can choose drinkware based on your clients’ or employees’ lifestyles. The right drinkware can become a daily reminder to your recipients of your thoughtfulness.

Coordinating apparel gifts for clients or a large number of employees can be a daunting task, but if you are up for it, it can make a huge impact. Last year at Proforma, employees were invited via email to fill out a brief Google form to submit their size, style and color preferences for a company jacket. Samples of the jackets were even on display for employees to try different options. Just before the holidays, each employee was hand-delivered their selected jacket. Talk about a memorable, comfortable and practical gift.

There are huge opportunities to impress your recipients with useful and modern tech accessories. Consider your recipients’ comfort level with technology before selecting your gifts. Solar chargers, wireless speakers and power adaptors are still useful for the most techie people, while earbuds and power banks can make nice gifts for those who are less tech savvy.

Food gifts
Food gifts are one of the most popular choices for corporate holiday gift giving. It is a gift that can be easily shared amongst a group of recipients, it’s cost effective and who doesn’t like a delicious treat around the holidays? The only thing I don’t like about food gifts is that they can be gone the same day the gift arrived, so they tend to be less memorable (enless the food was exceptionally tasty). That is why I would recommend creative, reusable packaging, such as a nice wooden presentation box, a glass jar or appealing tin that could keep the memory of your gift going.

The possibilities are endless as you search for the perfect gift for your customers and employees. The key is capitalizing on the opportunity and putting your audiences’ interests first. The right choice can keep you in your recipients’ minds for years to come. Happy gift giving!